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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Sep 30, 2018

Supernatural. The CW's cult TV series that is about to enter into its 14th season. It's kind of crazy to think that considering when it had it's very first mid-season break, the people involved weren't sure it would come back. Yet here we are!

This brings us to our show! Matt is an obsessive fan who has been watching since the show premiered September 13, 2005. PG is a fanfiction author who loves this show (and many others). And then there's Jess. Jess is the one who agreed to sit down and watch every episode for the very first time. Will she enjoy it? Will she hate it? Either way, we're going to keep watching!

Our first episode was supposed to be a quick intro before we discussed the pilot, but we sorta... just... kept... talking. So welcome to Episode 0! Here we show you just how little Jess knows and what a fun (weird?) journey this will end up being.

HINT - We ramble a ton in this episode. If you think it's boring, that's fair. But keep going. We do actually focus on real content down the road. 

Want to see the GIFs we used? Check out our Tumblr post with all of them: