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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Jun 26, 2022

Sam and Dean find a case that at first sounds like zombies, but turns out to be a Titan god who once stood up for humanity and now lives with a curse to die every day.

We discuss how this episode could have been so much better, how Zeus was underutilized, and try to figure out what China has to do with any of this.

Jun 19, 2022

Sam and Dean help an old friend (who we meet for the first time). A friend who turned to witchcraft (don't worry, he's not evil). But he is sleeping with his familiar (it's uncomfortable).

We discuss poetry, the trailer for The Winchesters, and we get to the halfway point of the series!





Jun 12, 2022

Kevin has figured out what Sam and Dean need to do close the gates of Hell. This sends the Winchesters after a Hellhound to start the first of the three trials.

With the main mytharc finally under way, we discuss Disney remakes, get distracted by Raz, and love love love that Dean has his own room.



Jun 5, 2022

While learning more about the Men of Letters, Sam uncovers information about another organization: the Judah Initiative. A group all but extinct save for the last member's grandson who is entrusted with a Golem.

We are very excited that the guys have reached the bunker, love everything inside the bunker, and talk a lot...