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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Apr 25, 2021

Ever wonder what happens at Bobby's when Sam and Dean aren't there? Yes, we all did!

We are joined by a winner of Fandom Trumps Hate auction, Andie! We discuss the wonderful person that is Jim Beaver, the problems with caffeine, and how weird it is to think that it took 6 seasons for Bobby and Rufus to be on screen...

Apr 18, 2021

A weapon has been stolen from Heaven and is leading to the death's of corrupt police officers. Dealing with something of this scale requires Sam and Dean to call in the third man: Castiel!

We discuss the stressed caused from both board games and video games, the problems with Dodge Chargers, and how lame angel...

Apr 11, 2021

Sam needs Dean to come help with on a hunt when a shapeshifter is after an innocent baby. Dean is a better dad, but they both kinda suck at the role.

Jess is very unhappy with the Campbell cousins as we discuss why anyone would run upstairs when a killer is in the house, the problems with car seats on TV, and wonder why...

Apr 4, 2021

One year after putting an end to the apocalypse, Dean has been living with Lisa and Ben. Constantly aware that something could come for him, he works for protect his family. Little does he know, Sam has been back this whole time, hunting with a new family of his own.

As a new era of the show begins, we discuss how weird...