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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

May 31, 2020

Castiel sends Dean to 1973 where he meets his parents when they were young and in love. But he soon realizes he has a chance to save them from their fates.

In an episode where we talk about Tab, we learn about the fish-mobile, and Matt reveals he never read Harry Potter.





May 24, 2020

Sam, Dean, and Bobby are confronted by the spirits of people they failed to save. The real Meg Masters, Victor Henriksen, and Ronald Resnick are all back and want revenge. Castiel reveals they were all brought back by Lilith as part of a much larger problem.

We give some information about how the final season...

May 17, 2020

After the ending of Season 3 saw Dean sent to Hell, it can't be as easy as him just being back can it? Oh wait. Yes, yes it can. But how is he back? Are there strings attached? And what has Sam been up to the last four months?

With so much to discuss for this very significant and amazing episode, we are joined by...

May 10, 2020

We end season 3 with our watchalong tradition! Joe, Matt's brother, rejoins us we watch S3.13 - Ghostfacers. Get your copy and sync up with us!

Jess tells us the difficulties explaining Leap Year to a young child, PG is going to buy pet rats, and Matt gets obsessed with the windows in the house.



May 3, 2020

There's only 30 hours left in Dean's deal when Bobby figures out where Lilith is. Sam is desperate and wants Ruby's help. This is going to work....right?

Jess does this one a bit drunk and threatens to quit the podcast (again), Matt has a theory about why Andy never went evil, and PG is very excited to be on the verge...