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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Jan 26, 2020

Dean wants to relive some of the highlights from his youth. This means seeking out a woman he had a very sexy weekend with. But then discovers he may have fathered her child. And just his luck, there's a monster to hunt too!

Matt made a recording boo boo so this is going to start with lower quality audio for a bit....

Jan 19, 2020

Dean has one year to live and a whole bunch of demons are on the loose. Sam looks for answers, Bobby is awesome, and the Seven Deadly Sins are on a rampage. 

Matt and PG discuss their time at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Jess wonders about Blondie McKnife Face, and we all talk about our very important and complicated shoe...

Jan 14, 2020


(Special thanks to @littlegreyfish and @MittensMorgul for tracking down the clips used for our spoiler warning sound bytes)

Matt and PG talk A LOT about Supernatural together, geek out over it, and share theories all the time. It's kind of the first domino in this whole podcast....

Jan 12, 2020

As we fall in between seasons, we want you get the experience of watching an episode with us. Is it any good? We don't promise that. Is it entertaining? That's up for debate. But it is available!

The three of us got together to rewatch S2.13 Houses of the Holy, and we invite you to sync up your copy with us and...

Jan 5, 2020

What is Dean supposed to do? Not make a good decision, that's for sure. But hey, without it we wouldn't have the show we have today. And in the end, it's the one finale you can walk away from feeling good.

We create a scoring system for death that includes nearly dying and actually dying, imagine what a Supernatural...