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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Sam and Dean seemingly stumble across a hunt (or do they?!). They find a woman who is being chased by a ghost and she doesn't know why (or does she?!). There's lots of questions here that may or may not be obvious.

We have questions about ghost blood, if a new house in the middle of nowhere is scarier than an old house,...

Nov 17, 2019

Sam and Dean each try to tell their side of a story to Bobby as the two are mad at one another. But is someone just playing a trick on them?

We're joined by Jess' friend (and our Fandom Trumps Hate auction winner) Martha! We learn what children name their toys and books to read (for a while), discover that Sam has...

Nov 10, 2019

Sam goes missing and when Dean catches up, something bad has definitely happened. Is Sam turning into the monster he feared he would become?

We debate about Bon Jovi, wonder if Jess' husband Matt should be a surrogate for our Matt, and Jess' dog Luna makes her first appearance. 





Nov 3, 2019

Is it a vengeful spirit or an avenging angel? Will Sam kill an innocent person? Will Dean fess up to his actual emotional issues?

Look none of that matters. What matters is when you feel spiritual ecstasy, your perm goes away. We also may trail off into some more serious conversation for once. Just a bit. A...