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Season 14, Time For A Podcast

Mar 24, 2019

A racist ghost truck? Terrible dialogue? Ignoring pre-established lore? Well that sounds like BuckLemming, all right!

Dean receives a phone call from an ex-girlfriend. Someone he fell in love with, told her the truth about his family, then was dumped. Now that she suspects a ghost is the cause of her father's death, she...

Mar 10, 2019

Welcome to our episode where we discuss some feedback from listeners, debate the movie Mean Girls, discuss the finer points of HIPAA, and eventually talk about Supernatural! (We get sidetracked a lot)

After a hunt goes wrong, Dean has weeks left to live, but will he have faith as time runs out? Well Sam sure does! They...

Feb 24, 2019

Sam and Dean have a fight so Sam hitchhikes. Along the way he meets Meg. Dean goes and takes care of the hunt their dad sent them on. best he can by himself. It gets awkward. And then he gets a shotgun butt to the face.

Meanwhile, there is a freaky scarecrow that needs human sacrifices so it can help the town...

Feb 10, 2019

You're not the boss of me!!! 

Okay so Sam is a bit miffed at Dean. And there's a little tension between them. Don't worry though. Sam shoots Dean square in the chest with a shotgun filled with rock salt. Oh. Uhhh...maybe worry a little?

We also jump into the debate we had about Dean's leather jacket and how he got his...

Jan 27, 2019

How does this show bounce back from the awfulness that was Bugs?! Well with one of the best episodes of the season, of course!

Sam is having nightmares about a family in trouble in their childhood home so he and Dean head back to where it all began. Is it the thing that killed their mom? They aren't sure. Dean puts in a...